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Besides the one around the corner from my office, Pacific Coast Brewing Company in Oakland's Old Town district (which is a kind of dodgy area but I've never run into any real trouble) is one of the last brewpubs in the SF Bay Area that I'm aware of that isn't trying to convert itself into a beer-bottling "buy it at the supermarket" microbrewery. And they make great, not-for-the-masses beer as a result.

I'm having their Emerald Ale. They only have it in the cask right now (I suspect they'll put it on tap for St. Patrick's Day) and it's beautiful as a result. Beautiful rooibos red color, velvety feel on the tongue, smooth on the tastebuds with a walnuty-malt finish. I like a highly hopped beer as much as the next hophead, but sometimes you've got to have something that lets you taste the malt. This Emerald Ale is the perfect beer for that kind ofbe beer-drinking mood.

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Date: 2012-02-26 01:42 am (UTC)
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That sounds GREAT! I am envious.


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